Online Sessions: Introduction to V+T for Next Cohort [Nov. 17, Dec. 6]

Learn more about the Vital+Thriving program and how your congregation can get involved in the next learning cohort! These informational meeting will outline the process and goals of this initiative, as well as outline next steps for joining the next cohort of congregations that is launching by early 2023.

Vital+Thriving Congregations (V+T) is a ministry learning hub developed for the congregations of the Episcopal Diocese of California through a special partnership with the Center for Church Innovation. In this program, congregations can join with others for support, to learn missional practices, and enter a process of collective discernment as we emerge from the pandemic.

We’re committed to walking with you as you seek to discover your next steps. This will be a space for support, mutual learning as well as a pathway for seed funding as you discern your congregation’s unique missional challenge. We are inviting congregations go through a process called Partnership for the Missional Church, a multi-stage design thinking process of listening, reflecting, and discerning your distinctive story. We hope to develop congregations that are truer to the vision of Jesus, and along the way, to identify opportunities for new expressions of church.

There will be two sessions:


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