[New Podcast Episode] Eat What Is Set Before You: A Conversation with Dr. Scott Hagley

Our first episode of 2024 invites us to move deeper into the daunting and delightful wisdom of Luke 10, the text within which our congregations have been dwelling for many months now. Joining us on the way is Dr. Scott Hagley, associate professor of world evangelism and missiology at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and author of the book, Eat What is Set Before You: A Missiology of the Congregation in Context, a beautifully written invitation to take seriously what it means to participate in God’s mission in our own unique time and place. In this honest and wide-ranging discussion, we explore why it is so hard for many American Christians to move from host to guest, to find our place at God’s table in our neighborhood, and to shift from seeing ourselves as experts and change-agents to simply being bearers of God’s love and light in our particular neighborhoods. Don’t miss this humbling and ultimately hopeful conversation!

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