[New Podcast Episode] Letting Go and Letting God: A Conversation with the Rev. Rachel Stout

Our fall season of the Vital+Thriving podcast kicks off with a thrilling conversation with the Rev. Rachel Stout, who serves not only as a clergy coach for leaders in Vital+Thriving Congregations but also as a reflective practitioner at the Center for Church Innovation and a Lutheran pastor in Minnesota. As a parish leader who has guided congregations through the Partnership for the Missional Church process before, she is able to speak about the journey we’ve all embarked upon out of her own experience. Don’t miss this inspiring discussion of the surprising movements of the Spirit, the energy and excitement to be discovered along the way, and, naturally, the merits (or lack thereof) of the jello mold desserts that show up at Church potlucks.

Listen and subscribe wherever you find podcasts, or listen on our website. Each month, we will release a new episode with the goal of supporting congregations as they emerge from the pandemic, inspiring leaders in discernment and experimentation, and encouraging creative collaboration.


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