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    December 14, 2020 at 10:05 pm

    While it might be overused, the concept is helpful. I wonder how you feel about the idea of bridge-builders and the reality that certain people (those with privilege and protections) should be building bridges while those who are being harmed, the oppressed, should not need to carry the burden and risk their physical, emotional and spiritual safety to go “across cultures”.

    Similar to @yisingchou ‘s comment, I believe that politics are context. Those of us born into privilege have been extended mercy in seeing some form of a broader perspective. We have discussed how theology is contextual, and that it is incredibly challenging to untangle ourselves from our personal context to see something bigger, we are all here challenging to see a more expansive God and from broader context. I think there is an invitation to confess that politics are as contextual and that without certain context, particularly for those of us identified as white and privileged, we would have limited perspective and politic as well. Many people in our country are bound and limited to a very specific context, as reflected in our election night map. Certainly with the access to information, this can’t be a complete pass, but it helps me offer humility and even empathy. I believe that the oppressed are bound to their power, privilege and position and yet it is much more fulfilling to be liberated from power, not blinded by it. .