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    December 11, 2020 at 8:41 pm

    I definitely think about this question as well. I think that as an Asian American woman, I’ve had to practice maintaining relationships even through deep dissonance, whether that’s dissonance in power dynamics, culture, language, etc, because that dissonance is everywhere. Woodley writes about how Jesus worked to free both the oppressed and the oppressor. I have to remember how Empire distorts everyone in it, even those who wield the most power, and how the Way of Jesus offers a path to freedom from Empire for us all. I also have to remember all the ways in which I hold power and am the oppressor. We’re all benefitting from some sort of structure at the cost of another’s life –– from the land we live on, to the way our bank accounts operate, to where our food and clothing come from, to how the public infrastructures we use are made. This is not to negate the need to pursue justice or the value for being discerning in who we engage with, but I have to remember the ways in which I also desperately need the mercy of God, that I might have more mercy for others.