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    December 10, 2020 at 10:41 pm

    This article by Mihee Kim-Kort was a good piece of writing that gave directions on how to get to the practically marginalized. I think “hospitality and solidarity” is a tool that continues to connect God’s creation and a goal that will be realized at the end of the day. The scene where Jesus meets Samaria woman and hospitality and solidarity are realized a surprising scene that suggests a lot to the church in our society today. In this scene, Jesus, apart from the divinity of Jesus, practices his faith and the love of God. And the object was an object hated by the people. I don’t want to tell people as a leader to turn someone you hate into someone you love. But I will say that God’s righteousness, which we believe in and confesses, be fulfilled through practical practice. In other words, we should do the same as Jesus showed faith and love for God through practical practice. The love shown by God is not personal but love for others. It is God’s law to love your neighbor as yourself. So our vocation is to go out towards others.

    Kim-Kort said something worked on his change. Finally, I would like to talk about this action because our love for others will be driven by changes caused by something. Something must be the touch of the Holy Spirit. Also, the change is only possible through the process of repentance and sanctification. I’m not good enough about solidarity with others. So I feel the need to study and pray more.