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    December 9, 2020 at 1:39 am

    I think that generally when we use the term “empowerment” we are talking about those with less power getting more power. I do think that a part of liberation is empowerment but what kind of power and how they are empowered matters. I also think we have to realize that in certain circumstances we have different social positions and therefore different responsibilities. While I am a minority and lack social power in the US, I am part of the Han majority in Taiwan and experience the privileges of the majority, one does not erase the reality of the other. Our power / social status / privileges are not universal or absolute but shifting due to context and circumstances and that’s very important to take into consideration.

    I also think that in our differentiation of power we have to look to Jesus, how he humbled himself as it says in Philippians but also, he will sit enthroned in power and every knee will bow and tongue shall confess– his road to glory and power was through humility. I think many times, we take down one dictator just to put another in its place and we have to be very careful in our journey as oppressed peoples not to become that which we are trying to fight–which is where the spiritual journey and path is so essential, we must continue to hold ourselves accountable to those around us in our communities.