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    December 8, 2020 at 5:58 pm

    In large part, it may be helpful to talk about what being “together in the same space worshipping our Lord in unity” means, what it looks like, and whether it’s possible to do while the oppressed are still being oppressed in that very moment. Too often, without realizing it, the status quo (even in supposedly multiethnic churches) is a Sunday worship gathering that centers white preachers, white music, in a white space, espousing a theology of whiteness and white supremacy. It doesn’t make it better (maybe it actually makes it worse!) when it’s white preachers talking about de-centering whiteness in the very moment they re-center their own voices. I certainly don’t think this is what you’re talking about, in which case the question of “what is the work required to create an altogether different space and culture” becomes important.