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    December 5, 2020 at 1:15 am

    I’ve been focusing on video classes and reading. And why did I know late that I had a great Forum? This is sorry for everyone in this class, so I’m late, but I’m going to participate in this forum and look at the past.

    I feel that the black liberation theologian James Cone tells us very well about God’s love for others. James Cone says, “Even if you understood God very well, what good is this tradition if it had nothing to do with the liberation of society’s slaves and the poor?” In other words, confessing Christ and following Christ are things that cannot be separated. I was able to find God’s love for his creation at the center of the theory that James Cone had. God’s creative activity was love. We can confirm God’s love for the creatures in the Garden of Eden. And the love was confirmed through Jesus. Jesus, who thoroughly hated sin and taught the disciples of love, is the completion of love. And the Holy Spirit, which we studied and thought together in this class, is also calling on the community to practice Jesus’ love. As such, God’s love is concentrated on others. This love is in line with the voice of the struggle of love that James Cone claimed for black men’s liberation. Cone’s voice gave us a good look at the reality we didn’t know and didn’t want to face. And Cone’s theology still applies to our reality. We expect and ponder how God, who saves us from oppression, will use us as a tool to suppress and liberate us.