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    December 4, 2020 at 10:31 am

    I agree with this a lot, Peter. I appreciate your casting a vision for “other rides in the park.” I agree with Sarah that it is time white people do far more listening than before – but I think what Cone/Choi are pointing out is far more important: HOW we listen- which is to say – question the paradigms through which we listen. I have found this to be where the real challenge is – realizing the ways in which I want/expect POC to conform to the (white) norms I was raised with. But when I have conversations with POC in my faith community and family, what I hear them saying is, “Don’t step so far back that you’re essentially silent/absent. Listen, but you still have a role in this.” For me personally, my gifts as a pastor are less as an original, theological thinker, and more as someone who listens and learns, and then applies these ideas in an accessible (I hope) way to the community. I am very actively working to identify the white-supremacy values that underlie my thinking, and then making those visible, tangible changes in the way we lead and teach at my church. I think all of us white folks – no matter our field, profession, or family make up, have a place here.