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    December 3, 2020 at 5:07 pm

    Yes, agreed, Yising! I love the way you and Sarah and others are wrestling with these questions, and how it creates possibilities for our various questions and struggles to overlap (not toward the elision or erasure of particularities, but for the sake of a larger, more expansive whole). And this is why (not a critique but affirmation of Sarah’s comment!) the last thing I want someone to walk away with is, “It’s not my turn period.” But rather, how great would it be, if the takeaway for all of us was, “It’s not my turn to perpetuate whiteness and white theology, instead I’m going to _____,” which can be another way of saying, “It’s not my turn to command attention or center stage,” and which when put that way ought really not be the thing that’s attractive to us anyway. In part, this is why I love my area of study so much (American history, with a focus on the history of race and Christianity). It is decidedly *not* theology, it bypasses the danger of theological hubris, though there are plenty of other pitfalls.

    All that to say, to your point about imagining “a theology that is liberated from the constructs of whiteness,” it is truly difficult, but it’s exactly what I see Cone trying to do, which is why our conversation interacting with his work is so important.