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    December 2, 2020 at 11:31 pm

    I’m a third of the way through God of the Oppressed and thinking a lot about Cone’s contrast of white and Black theologies’ paradigms for the concept of truth. Cone asserts that while “White theologians built logical systems; black folks told tales.” (God of the Oppressed, 50) Black Christians cared less about the academic study of Scripture or any attempt to arrive at a “scientific” truth, but rather “The truth of the story was dependent upon whether the people received that extra strength to go one more mile in their struggle to survive and whether they received the courage to strive one more time to right the wrongs in this world.” (55)

    Throughout the course of this program, I’m realizing how the classic academic disciplines I’ve learned are becoming strained as I wander deeper into theological study. Using methods of scientific research and historical criticism & analysis in studying Scripture is admirable, but I unsure of how often these methods truly offer the oppressed “that extra strength to go one more mile.” All of this is helping me articulate a bit more of the questions I’ve been circling towards throughout the course of this program. How much of theology and theological education as we know it is actually helpful for the people I claim to want to serve? Is participating in most institutions of theological education just submitting myself further to white hegemony over Christianity? What of theology as an academic discipline is still worth pursuing and preserving in our current moment, if anything at all?