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    December 2, 2020 at 6:11 pm

    I am feeling much the way about this book so far that I felt about Thurman’s book, which is “why haven’t I read this sooner?” I am resonating so much with his blunt appraisal of White theologians, as I feel this deep sense in my own faith journey and that of my faith community, that it is long past time to listen and heed other perspectives and worldviews outside of the white, heteronormative one that always seems to dominate every aspect of our lives. We have always been called to listen to others and I do believe our own understanding of how to build God’s Kingdom on Earth is tied to it. As a person who identifies as White, I am struggling with my place in that, but have realized my place at this time is to listen without comment. My opinions are neither needed nor wanted, and that is OK, in fact it is good. As I said in small group today, it’s not my turn to talk.