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    December 2, 2020 at 6:10 pm

    The Liberation Theology raised by James Cone in the God of the Oppressed has made me think of the Gentrification and homelessness issues in my city of Denver. With the increase in gentrification, people of color are being forced out of neighborhoods that help so much historical and cultural value. I recently watched a few videos from Brother Jeff (as he goes by on Facebook) in which he walks by a few neighborhoods highlighting new housing and businesses. As he points out, these nice amenities and efforts aren’t for black people. One of his quotes “While we were killing on the block, white people were buying up the block” Buying as the property value was low to then flip and “clean up” in order for it to appeal to white folks. So part of my work in racial reconciliation is to mindful of supporting minority owned businesses, and really one could argue this is the way of Jesus as well in our modern time. To support and stand with the oppressed and marginalized.