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    November 25, 2020 at 7:01 pm

    One experience that stands out to me when I think about the Holy Spirit’s leading in my life was the time God told me to pray for my friend in college. I talked with him on the side of the street, and then walked away, like any other interaction ever. But then I felt I should pray for him. I didn’t hear a voice or anything, I just felt the thought to pray for him press down on me. Hard. I kept walking though, because my friend was already heading up to his dorm and it would be super awkward and weird and even obtrusive to call him back and tell him I was going to pray for him for no tangible reason. But each step I took became harder to take. The throught to pray for him pressed harder and harder, until it was literally a struggle to take another step. I stopped, tried to talk myself out of turning around to pray for my friend, but eventually gave up. God obviously wanted something from me, so I turned around. I headed all the way up to his dorm and knocked on the door. I went in, told him I thought I had to pray for him, he awkwardly said that was fine, and then I prayed and left.

    It was super uneventful. But then, years later, this friend told me that that day, his life changed when I prayed for him. What to me was a weird moment but otherwise uneventful changed his life. And I think that is how the Spirit often asks us to move. To be a part of his grand plan in ways that we couldn’t imagine.