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    November 19, 2020 at 7:39 pm

    Most often, the Holy Spirit manifests in my own faith walk in several ways.

    I recognize it clearest when I am led to do something that I don’t want to do: make the call, agree to the task, take on the duty, forgive someone, let go of an old hurt, etc.,. When if I find myself taking on something I would not typically do (or don’t want to do, but need to do), I know that the Holy Spirit is at work and equipping me for the task at hand.

    The other time when I feel the Holy Spirit most strongly is at a moment of discernment: either when I am at a crossroad and need a nudge forward…or when I am uncertain of someone or a situation…and I feel that still small voice pull my proverbial coat-tail and caution me to “Wait!”…”Don’t go now!”…”Say no”, “Think that over again”…or “Not now”.

    Finally, I also feel the Spirit in conversation—particularly on matters of faith. I was in a conversation recently with African American family and we were really grappling with the recent elections and how Christians can see things so differently depending on their politics. And we pushed and pulled and tugged at each other in the conversation trying to convince each other of the “right” opinion. And you could feel the anguish as we couldn’t resolve the issue.

    And then, I felt that feeling in the pit of my gut ( a mixture of butterflies + deep dread) urging me to speak up. All of the folks on the call are “churched”, but it can still feel pretentious to get churchy in casual conversation.

    However, yielding to the Spirit’s urging, I went ahead and mentioned a recent Padrig O’ Tuama discussion “A Poet Reads the Gospels” about John 8 and had the group consider how we have to keep bringing each other back to Christ and how Christ handled conflict and protected the vulnerable…and the flow of the conversation turned, shifted, opened up, became more conciliatory….and folks began to clap, shout, sing, etc.,. half-clowning, but also affirming the breakthrough themselves. I guess that is that performative dimension among African Americans that Hayes is referencing, but this time on a Friday night Zoom call.

    So, these are a few of the ways the Holy Spirit manifests in my life fairly regularly in many diverse ways…and is the Holy Spirit is the aspect of the Trinity that I feel most connected to or led by in my own personal life and decision-making.