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    November 14, 2020 at 1:25 am

    I deeply appreciated Hayes’s reading of the Holy Spirit in the Black church of North America, in collaboration with so many insightful Black theologians, writers, and leaders. I especially appreciated Cone’s reflections on the Holy Spirit as God’s liberating and empowering presence: “‘proppin’ them up on every leanin’ side.’ The Spirit was God’s presence with the people and his will to provide them the courage and the strength to make it through.” This seems to get at the participate Christi, performative language, above: the Spirit as the One who leads and empowers us in the outward journey.

    In reflecting on my own experience of the Holy
    Spirit in this capacity, my mind immediately went to Norma Romero and the women
    of Las Patronas in Veracruz, Mexico. For 25 years, Norma, her family, and a
    small group of volunteers have fed hundreds of thousands of mostly men, but
    some women, fleeing escalating violence and extreme poverty in their home
    countries in South America aboard the northbound train, nicknamed La Bestia (“The
    Beast”), for its reputation of devouring people. They have done so with little
    financial support, even as others have challenged their hospitality with
    political and personal critiques. But they have somehow managed to have enough
    to feed and care for some of the most marginalized people in the world. And it
    all began because, as they put it, someone riding the train one day asked if
    they could spare some food while they were walking back from the market. So
    they offered them some bread and some milk, and they returned the next day with
    more food, and they haven’t stopped since. As Norma puts it, she struggled to
    see Jesus in church for years, but now she sees Jesus everyday as she feeds and
    supports those who live dangerously close to death’s grip.