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    November 11, 2020 at 10:32 pm

    Hayes’ definition of the work of the Holy Spirit as work that builds new communities and rejoins the scattered is displayed in Matthew’s call for a biblical hermeneutic that is radically committed to the poor. Matthew writes, “Alienation of the theologians and the Church hierarchy from the poor is a reality in Indian context. This alienation could be overcome only by a commitment to the poor and the oppressed not only by reading the Bible from the perspective of the poor, but also by reading with the poor and oppressed…We need another reformation in the Church to give the poor and the oppressed, who are the real owners of the Bible, the right to interpret the Bible,” (112). I’m moved by this image of bridging the gap between theologians and the poor, along with the different class and social statuses that they represent, creating a community in which they interpret the Bible alongside one another. The hierarchy is erased between the educated and uneducated, the upwardly mobile and the oppressed, that they might hear the voice of God together. But what moves me most in Matthew’s image is that theologians are held accountable to the needs of the poor. As I read more biblical scholarship and theology, I often wonder to what communities this scholarship is held accountable to, if the ideas are actually in service to anyone outside of the academy. To demand that theology should be held accountable to the poor is humbling, and it is also participati Christi by developing scholarship that dwells among the least of these, just as Christ does.