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    November 10, 2020 at 9:04 pm

    Our denomination has developed a deep divide over the full inclusion and affirmation of LGBTQIA+ individuals in ministry. Our conference in Northern California does not follow the book of discipline and ordains those individuals openly and affirms their call and identities, however that is not the case in other parts of the US and the world. My own family was affected by this when my father came out as gay my senior year of college and gave up his orders as as an Elder in another conference. I had a lot of anger about that, but have now found a calling to speak clearly and loudly for God’s love and delight in individuals, including their gender identity and sexual orientation. As a lay speaker in my church I have learned to put words to my call and to preach the Good News and God’s deep love for all individuals. In this movement in my own life I am now exploring a call to ministry. In this way, I am working for healing in our denomination but also healing in our family as we are able to more openly speak to my dad about what his needs are in this moment and how we can best work as allies for full inclusion. He has since left our denomination but has been heartened by the work being done and I am proud to contribute in a very small way to addressing this particular sin of exclusion in our denomination.