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    November 5, 2020 at 10:27 am

    One of the areas in which I realize I can exercise dominion is the environment. I grew up in an evangelical culture where the environment didn’t matter because the earth was going to be destroyed in the end. I never read the Genesis narrative – and in particular the idea of exercising dominion – as being related to my responsibility to be a good steward of creation. This seems very obvious now. I have the ability to make choices in how I consume the earth’s resources, where I shop, how I think about waste, etc, and that is a way of exercising dominion over creation and being a good steward of the dominion mandate. The idea that we are “all equally powerful” is crucial to how I might think about exercising dominion in relationship to others. I have seen managers abuse their subordinates, political leaders abuse those over whom they rule, and pastors abuse their power over their congregations. I think how we behave when we are in positions of power or stewardship over others says so much about how we understand “Radah”. Do we see “Radah” as the right to exercise power over others, or do we see others as being equal to us and despite our position of authority, treat others as though they have equal worth and value.