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    November 4, 2020 at 9:29 pm

    Brene Brown gives a similar definition of power in her writing on leadership. She talks about power to/power with v. power over. To me power over can never truly be successful because it relies on fear and division. I think a prime example of this is the ways in which the current administration has created fear of the other in it’s policy along the US-Mexico border. The idea that a physical barrier such as a wall is a solution to a humanitarian issue and the creation of fear through separating families are an example of an absolute abuse of power. In contrast power to/power with is about being aware of your own position and privilege and using that to lift others up and seek input and contributions from all stakeholders. This is much more difficult to accomplish. The most classic example of this to me is the Beatitudes. Turning the common conception of who is blessed and thus has the power on its head was a very important message of Jesus. Jesus truly embodied “power to, power with.”