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    November 4, 2020 at 8:59 pm

    A friend of mine once asked me, “Ellie, what can I do as a cisgender straight woman to be a better ally to the Trans community?” I think I surprised her when I told her that I didn’t think that it was fair to single out the Trans community.

    “Listen,” I told her. “Listen to our stories, and work for the dignity of ALL humans. Because we are all created to bear the image of God — each and every person, whether we agree with them or not. Whether we understand them or not. Whether or not they make us comfortable. For me to fight for Trans rights while forsaking the rights of my friends who are struggling against racism is just as much an injustice, because it continues the narrative that someone has to be seen as ‘other.'”

    As many of you might be as well, I’m watching the results of the election roll in as I’m typing this, and it gives me pause to think — is our desire to “win” this election actively working towards shalom or is it simply seeking to rebalance the power in our favor? And then what do we do with that power?

    It’s important to note that power comes in different forms. For some, it might mean political power. For others, it might be knowledge. That they have the “corner” on the REAL truth. We’ve seen this play out so many times during the course of this election, let alone during the past four years. And we all have it. I look at the knowledge I am gaining from this program, and it’s hard to not think that I am morally superior to the Evangelical culture because I’ve been enlightened and am now “woke.”

    That’s why I think it’s vitally important to continue looking at power through the lens of Shalom, and to ask ourselves how we are either working towards Shalom on this earth or against it.