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    October 21, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    Thank you all for the honesty and transparency of your reflections, and your willingness to engage with this practice! What I am most encouraged about in these responses is that everyone (it seems to me) is attuned to the goal of spiritual practices, of tending the inward journey and seeking ongoing transformation. The daily steps—whatever shape they may take—matter because the journey matters.

    I’ll leave you with this thought from Bishop Mary Edgar Budde’s new book, Receiving Jesus: the Way of Love. She writes, “the world is full of enough distorted, unappealing, and unloving expressions of Christianity to convince anyone that the entire Christian message is a sham. But for those of us who have known an experience of encounter with Jesus and have taken steps toward him in response, the assurance of God‘s love can become, if we allow it, the defining narrative of our lives.”