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    October 15, 2020 at 12:27 am

    I have to admit that this practice is very new to me. I have been a part of the low church tradition for many years, and although I’ve been aware of the BCP, I’ve never actually followed it or used it in my devotional life. In fact, I found it intimidating. I now have two apps on my phone, both versions of the BCP with the Daily Office, and I’m now realizing what I have missed out on. I’ve been going through a deconstruction process in my faith over these past several years. Finding time to pray – or rather the discipline of making time to pray – has become more challenging and less frequent. Quite to my surprise, having a structured morning and evening prayer time and praying these beautifully written, thoughtful, theologically rich prayers, is both comforting and fulfilling. Admittedly, I am not perfect and am still getting into a routine. I find the collects to be rich and succinct versions of what I otherwise might have used many words to say. I remember being taught at some point in my evangelical experience that the Lord’s Prayer was meant as a model prayer, not as a prayer to be prayed repeatedly. After reading John Calvin’s work on this prayer, I’m reminded that not only should I be praying this daily, but I need to really spend time with each line. Calvin reminds us, “…we are not so instructed that each one of us should individually call him his father, but rather that all of us in common should call him Our Father.” One of the most powerful truths I am learning as I explore this mode of prayer, is that while I may be praying these prayers alone in my living room, I am joining my prayers with all of those who call Him Father.