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    October 14, 2020 at 9:09 pm

    This exercise was difficult for me. If I’m honest, it felt like work.

    I’m not suggesting that it wasn’t good. I gained a lot from the scriptures, and turning the readings into expressed prayers. I learned that more structure is good for me in some respects, and that I have a lot to learn from this kind of prayer. The aspect of saying a lot of these prayers from the communal “we” felt awkward at first, but the kind of awkward that is stretching, something I could tell I needed to spend more time in and think about. My “quiet time” has historically been a very individualistic time for me, but I recognize I am not alone in my walk with God, that I grow through community and fellowship. It is a new and growing thing to think about how my personal time with God can be in part done communally as well.

    That said, I felt disoriented by the number of scripture readings. I could have spent all my time on just one small portion of the daily office, but having to read through so many brought me too many messages for my heart to find a place to rest. I felt as if I skipped like a rock over a deep lake, not spending long enough at any one point to sink down and let the truth soak into my bones.

    Perhaps this is because I wasn’t doing it right. But I’m learning, and even though this has been a difficult exercise, I’m still growing from it.