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    October 13, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Praying the daily office has still proven a little difficult to me as I get my flow down and make it part of my daily rhythm. I love the ritual of it and the structure. Calvin’s writing on the Lord’s prayer also highlighted the importance of the structure and the ways in which we pray, making sure we are both praising God and asking for those things needed to sustain us. I could not help, when reading Calvin’s words, however, wonder in what ways we can expand that family of God he talks about. Given we are reading Enns book at this time as well, I could not help but think about the context Calvin is writing from. I can’t help but wonder what his writings might sound like in today’s context and if, for example, there would be room for other interpretations, even perhaps saying “Our Mother” or “Our Creator.” I certainly think that we are called as Christians to constantly be expanding the ways in which God’s love can be expressed, including the feminine and masculine.