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    October 11, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    One aspects of Chuck’s reflection on the practice of Contemplative Prayer that resonated with me is that this is our way of experiencing the God who pursues us: the God we find at the end of our rope. While Contemplative Prayer is certainly intentional on our part, I heard an emphasis on God’s doing rather than on our own efforts. This invitation to focus on God’s efforts rather than my own is a timely challenge.

    I have a set schedule of morning reading and prayer, but even that is filled with my own activities, rather than silently, expectantly waiting on the One who seeks to meet with me / us. I struggle to name just why I hesitate to enter into time of intentional silence—I long for the “idea” of more slow, silent time—though I am sure I could point to cultural influences, to our hurried pace and abbreviated attention spans. So often I rush to fill otherwise silent time, be it running, driving, or even cooking. Intentionally adding a set time of silence to my morning prayer—starting, perhaps, with five minutes—will be a timely challenge, and a helpful opportunity for growth at this point in my spiritual journey. I am interested in what will rise to the surface from this time when I do.