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    October 9, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    Hi Sueann,

    I appreciate how you’ve engaged your community so much in your process of getting to know the voice of God. I think that’s so important. Something that might complicate the process of people judging good and bad “fruit” is the assumption that there is a consensus within your community on what is good and bad, or that we can always fully know.

    I’ve been thinking about the story of Paul a lot lately. His message that the Gentiles did not need to keep the Torah was distressing for many Jews, including the original disciples of Jesus. James and Peter––who knew Jesus when he was alive––preached the need to keep Torah. We know which message won out in history. However, if I was in the middle of that debate, I probably would have believed the apostles who preached the need to keep Torah. They had personal interaction with Jesus and the whole Hebrew Bible to back them up. Paul just claimed to have a mystic experience and pulled this new theology out of the air. Surely many of the apostles judged Paul’s ministry as bearing “bad fruit” as they assessed Paul’s preaching among their community.

    Anyways. I think God is good in meeting us even in the midst of all that we don’t know. Still, I want to approach even the idea of claiming to know the voice of God with humility, and to acknowledge that many mysteries will be worked out in the generations that will come after me.