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    October 9, 2020 at 8:20 am

    My father asked me once how I knew what the will of God was (a good question!), and I responded by saying that it was a combination of the Holy Spirit, scripture, and community. I think that the Holy Spirit is present in our context/community, we need the Spirit to interpret scripture, scripture to interpret the spirit, and then the community around is also engaging in all of those as well by our side. I think the issue of abuse is super important, and the way I’ve started to parse it out is through the community part of it because like you and others have said here, how do you know if its your voice or the Holy Spirit in your head? Jesus tells us that you tell a false prophet by their fruits, and in the places where these mystical experiences are brought forth with spiritual authority, we can judge its truthfulness or worthiness based on the effect it has, and to me in the last few years, I feel like I’ve seen a lot of very present and real trauma (in the body and Body) that points to the bad fruit? If the consequences of sin are death, the thief comes to lie, steal, and destroy–follow the trail of destruction left in its path? I know that when I received comforting words of the Holy Spirit convicting me, I was afraid that it was myself or the devil trying to lead me astray, and I prayed that God would strike down those thoughts in me if they were anything other than God. and then, unlooked for, God brought me reassurance in my community to show me that I was not crazy, and over a year wandering in the wilderness later, started to bear more fruits in my life and those around me. It isn’t a science, and it is messy and requires patience to let the wheat grow with the tares, but I do think that God gives us tools to help us discern and contextualize these experiences.