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    October 9, 2020 at 8:05 am

    So I did an interview on an enneagram podcast once, and I talked about the anxiety/shame spiral (there are so many things to get done! I fear failure!) I sometimes get in (I’m an enneagram 3), and the “mantra” I repeat to myself it “God is good. God is powerful. God loves me”. All 3 of those things have to be true, because if God is good and loves me but is not powerful, than the things I worry about won’t be accomplished. if God loves me and is powerful but not good, then I worry about the quality/quantity of God’s plans for me. If God is powerful and good but does not love me, then I receive displeasure and judgement. I will repeat those three things over and over until my spirit can quiet, and then I can be still. I hope this can help!