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    October 4, 2020 at 4:56 pm

    Wow, thank you so much for this response! I am going to copy/paste this in a note for myself because I think there’s a lot of wisdom, humility, and quite honestly good theology here that I’d love to come back to and learn from.

    This feels like the way of Jesus to me, and that gives me joy and hope. I had a conversation with my dad and my mom yesterday (separately as they’re divorced) which was basically just me checking in on where they stood on things – I came out to them both over the summer and we hadn’t talked about it too much since then. My dad is non-affirming and probably will remain that way, while my mom seems unsure of how to make sense of things theologically but wants to love and support me in doing what I think is right.

    At the end of the call with my dad and my mom, I realized that I was able to give them both a lot of grace for they were in handling something that is very culturally foreign to them and knowing that, even as they said things that were hurtful or ignorant, I could see them trying and I wasn’t immediately angry/judgmental of where they were in the process. I’m hoping to be able to carry this over with people in the church + friends too, while also maintaining those healthy boundaries and adapting those for different periods of my life like you suggested.

    Thank you again for this SueAnn. Blessings to you!