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    October 1, 2020 at 8:11 pm

    As odd as this may sound – or maybe it won’t sound so odd – I found that Brueggemann’s grouping of the Psalms brought me a lot of relief. I, like so many of us taking this course, grew up believing that the Christian life should be tidy. It’s ok to have a bad day, but one would certainly not express this in prayer, out loud. That would be disrespectful. I would read the Psalter, and when I encountered a Psalm that expressed anger, I would immediately switch to a Psalm that expressed praise instead. Reading Brueggemann’s “The Message of the Psalms” introduction reminded me that the whole Psalter must be embraced in our lives, and that it really is ok to experience all three seasons of spirituality fully. I can clearly identify seasons of orientation, disorientation and new orientation on my journey. I think I subconsciously feared that those seasons of disorientation were somehow detrimental to my faith, or that disorientation meant I didn’t have enough faith. Brueggemann’s work caused me to reflect deeply on my spiritual journey up to this point. It became clear that I had gone through these three seasons many times throughout my life. It’s also clear to me that these seasons – especially disorientation – have shaped me in ways I am only now discovering. Those disorienting times led directly to new orientation. The process would repeat. And yes, there were times where I found myself experiencing more than one of these seasons simultaneously. It hasn’t been a neat and tidy journey, but thus far it has been rich and fulfilling!