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    October 1, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    Thanks for noting how counter-cultural this reading is, Sarah. Similarly, I appreciated Brueggemann naming that fact that this approach to the life of faith is fundamentally different than how culture shapes us. I found this line especially poignant and powerful: “In a society that engages in great denial and grows numb by avoidance and denial, it is important to use these Psalms that speak the truth about us…” (22). I have been thinking a lot lately of the importance of public lament, and the church’s role in modeling well this response. I am grateful anytime I see someone publicly sharing their grief, rather than hiding it. I’m hopeful that we will see a turn in public spaces—toward greater willingness to name our grief—as we all continue to experience the overwhelming weight of this moment. And, I am hopeful that we will realize the deep value of the treasures of Christian tradition here—especially the Spirituals.