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    October 1, 2020 at 6:54 am

    Reading Bruggeman’s perspective on the Psalms, I am reminded of Peter Choi’s teaching on the “long journey” and the emphasis placed on the relationship with God that believers have. Like any relationship, it was said, there are “peaks” and “valleys”, periods of disconnection and reconnection. I love that this is reflected in the Psalter, and gives a realistic representation of the life of a person of faith. I also found it compelling how Bruggeman leaves space for ambiguity when defining which Psalm fits which theme. When I was younger, I was determined to figure out which “phase” I was in my relationship with God. Was I in a peak season or a valley season? It wasn’t until I became older that I realized determining which “phase” I was in did nothing but cause anxiety and over-reflection. It did not draw me closer to God or make space for illumination. Likewise, a preoccupation with which theme a Psalm fits may do little but cause unnecessary categorization. Instead, the themes can be held loosely and “spontaneously” as he calls it. I like to see my relationship with God in this light too, not holding too tightly to categories but embracing the nuance of the daily rhythms of the life of faith.