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    September 30, 2020 at 2:18 pm

    Brueggemann’s grouping of the psalms into orientation, disorientation, and new orientation is a helpful way to examine the book of Psalms as a whole. As Brueggemann points out, it is problematic that we leave some of the psalms out of our liturgical and devotional practice because they aren’t the “nice” psalms. We tend to avoid content that makes us uncomfortable, or forces us to confront painful realities. This is especially a problem during times like these, when we need a word that speaks to the disorientation we are experiencing in our world. Sometimes things aren’t nice, and part of the gift of the Bible is that it reflects that. But we don’t have to dwell in despair either – the psalms of “new orientation” help us look to a time when our attitudes and our circumstances will shift in a new direction. This is the hope of the second coming of Christ – that we will experience a new orientation when the kingdom of God arrives on Earth.