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    September 30, 2020 at 3:12 am

    I think its interesting how we can be told that something is linear, but then take that same work and recognize that it is cyclical or circular, like the Bible or the larger Biblical narrative. I think its fascinating that if we were to walk in a complete circle (like on a globe), it could feel like we were walking along a straight line, we actually end up back where we started (this is actually a theme that I kind of explore/demonstrate a bit in my documentary HuanDao 環島).

    In my music analysis course in my grad program, we talked about the European emphasis on linear time and harmony, particularly in the way that all movement is whittled down often times to I-V-I (Tonic, dominant, tonic) a cadence for those familiar with music theory a bit (I also know that Jeremy Begbie does talks about this in relationship to Christian theology), but I pointed out to my professor that while this is understood as the essential linear progression of narrative within music (home- tension- resolution) is actually circular because it ends where it starts, and how our understanding of the linear versus circular is merely one of perspective. Or perhaps euclidean geometry as opposed to the three dimensional world that we live in?

    I think this makes sense and works with your point about standing always between Christ’s ascension and second coming as cycles of disorientation and new orientation, that which is present and not yet. and to borrow a cheesy line from that 90’s song Closing Time – “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”