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    September 28, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    Hi SueAnn! Thank you so much for sharing your reflections here. I resonate with so much of this personally as a bi woman who is still in the process of coming out to family and friends, and theologically as someone who moved along the same spectrum of non-affirming > side B > affirming.

    I find a lot of comfort in the quote you’ve included here from Martin Luther. There are many moments where I still doubt myself and the convictions I have come to, and I still have a lot of personal work to combat internal homophobia and shame. I love the humility you’ve displayed here, both in how you approached this for yourself and how you now council others in their journeys.

    “I do not want to do the same to others that was done to me…we have to figure out how we are to live according to our [limited] ability to know, our ways of ignorance with grace for the possibilities of other’s wisdom and ignorance as well.” So well said.

    One thing I struggle with a lot right now is making space for non-affirming people, or even Christians on the journey to discernment, while knowing that I was in that very space not even a year ago. I think I see all the harm that non-affirming theology does and it’s hard for me to want to learn from people/churches that are non-affirming, or give grace in this regard. I was actually really challenged by what @elliegirl77 wrote about Beth Moore in the chat during our conversation with Kristen Du Mez in making space for people that are moving and trying, however slowly that may be.

    Is this something you struggle with/have struggled with? How do you approach this while balancing grace and truth and care for marginalized groups?