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    September 27, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    Brueggemann’s description of the movement of the psalms from orientation to disortientation to new orientation as counter cultural resonated deeply with me. So often we feel a need to “move on” or “move forward” in our culture, at least I do. This framing allows me to understand the deeper need for periods of lament and discomfort as well as the need for periods of new orientation and allowing for God’s work in my life to be celebrated. All of these are good and important in their own way. I appreciated the living, breathing interpretation of the Psalms he presented and the idea that in order to have a full picture of our own interpretations of these writings we need to use both scholarly pursuit as well as devotional faith. This directly translates to our spiritual lives as Christians. We need to understand the context of the writings but also give over to the mystical, deeply human realities they bring to mind. We cannot have one without the other, just as we cannot truly have the joy and thanksgiving without the lament.