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    September 26, 2020 at 7:14 am

    I remember as a young Christian we were taught that you are either hot or cold for Jesus, there is no in between. It’s not till later on that I began to disagree with this. I used to look at Christianity as either you are at a 0 or 100 but now I look at it as we all have our 2 days where we feel low and we have our 10 days where we feel high and our numbers change everyday. I see it as progressive sanctification. As Christians we go through our different phases of Spirituality. Like the video that we were assigned to watch, we go through our mountains, valleys, and plains. But its in the valleys where so much of our growth happens. So I relate this to the orientation, disorientation, and new orientation. I’m so happy to see Christianity like this now because I no longer look at how other Christians live and judge them in my mind saying that they are no Christian because they seem to be on fire for the Lord (sadly this is how I used to think). We are no less than a Christian because we are in our disorientation phase and no more of a Christian while in our new orientation phase. As the title of this unit says, we are on a long spiritual journey where, I believe, there will be constant orientation, disorientation, and new orientation and I thank God for that. Because of this I no longer judge others according to the flesh (2 Cor. 5:16).