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    September 24, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    After reading Berry and Pynchon, I was reminded of something my yoga teacher used to say, that when you feel like you’ve “mastered” yoga it’s time to return to “beginner’s mind.” While the master may be full of knowledge and the beginner may be comparatively ignorant, the beginner’s mind is still open to infinite possibilities. The beginner has a sense of humility, as well as an awe for the unknown. In this way, ignorance – at least ignorance that is self-aware of one’s own limitations – can lead to great wisdom.

    A time when my mind was kind of reset into a state of beginner’s mind was when I was baptized in the Jordan River. I had been baptized before when I was a little girl, but I wanted to do it again now that I had more of a full understanding of what it meant to dedicate my life to Christ. But when I went down into the water, I had a kind of epiphany – I was still ignorant of the nature of God, maybe even more so than when I was a little girl, because now I was arrogant enough to think that I had developed a mature understanding. God is the ultimate mystery, and in that moment I was forced to acknowledge that I was still ignorant in the face of that mystery. This experience helped me to remain humble on my journey to seek God. In this way, realizing my own ignorance led me to a place of greater wisdom.