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    September 23, 2020 at 5:36 pm

    Reading both Wendell Berry and Thomas Pynchon, I was reminded of Ecclesiastes, and the wisdom that comes from a recognition that the human life is finite and the human is only capable of certain knowledge. I found it particularly fascinating how Berry connected a certain lack of awareness and arrogance with the abuse of power that has led the earth to be in disarray. Although it can be easy to feel discouraged by the immensity of these abuses, I found it hopeful that my small choice to “change myself” by “removing [my] mind from the corporate ignorance and arrogance that is leading the world to destruction” can make a larger impact. When many individual people begin to admit their ignorance and need, it can create a spark of humility that can cut through the forces that perpetrate our systems. And this, I believe, is how it is the way of wisdom.