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    September 22, 2020 at 7:09 pm

    In looking at the difference between these two works, a quote popped into my head from Carlos Rodriguez, that “When we’re not hungry for justice, it’s usually because we’re too full with privilege.” The core difference between these two books, and the tension between their respective ideologies, seems to stem from just that. The evangelical perspective and the marginalized perspective (not to binary these too heavily, but for the sake of clarity) both seem to draw their perceptions of Jesus from an interpretation of scripture that reflects what they view as some of their greatest “needs”. Thurman’s interpretation perceives Jesus through the “need” for justice, courage, and liberation, accordingly describing a savior with whom solidarity, comfort, and hope can be found. The interpretation Du Mez describes paints a Jesus who fulfills a “need” for power, security, and victory, creating a parallel but very different sort of savior who is assertive before he is gentle and decisive before he is submissive– a narrative that leaves little room for the discomfort of uncertainty, nuance, or humility.