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    September 21, 2020 at 4:23 pm

    This: “Both texts examine American masculinities in the context of faith. Yet, fascinatingly, Du Mez hardly mentions Thurman’s Palestinian Jew living under Roman occupation. Might that be because THAT JESUS has so little to do with the Christianity practiced in too many American churches?”

    So powerful! You are absolutely right. The Jesus elucidated in Du Mez’s “Jesus and John Wayne” is an ahistorical figure. Growing up in white, right-wing evangelical churches, it never occurred to me to locate Jesus in his social and historical context. I read the scriptures through the pair of glasses I was given, or inherited. When I finally took those glasses off a few years ago, I was both relieved and angry – relieved to know that the context in which I no longer felt comfortable was a fabrication and angry because it had taken me this long to start asking better questions.