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    September 18, 2020 at 1:32 pm

    Thanks for your reflections, Ellie. I agree with and appreciate you naming the importance of recognizing the lenses that we bring to our reading of Scripture, and the resulting interpretations. I was struck by this last line: “The stark contrast between the two views of Christianity and Jesus is a perfect illustration of . . . the importance of being able to put down our own lenses and see the world through the lenses that other people have to offer to us.” I wonder, is this a valid aim? Specifically, is it possible for me to “put down” the lenses that shape my reading of Scripture, Jesus, etc.? I’m not so sure it is. However, I do think the potentially harmful nature of our limited interpretations can be addressed and corrected, and ultimately made more robust, by 1) naming our lenses and 2) listening to those who are reading with different lenses. To the extent that we’re willing to allow our lenses to be named, engaged, and even corrected, our interpretations, and discipleship, will become more likely to reflect the incarnate way of Jesus.