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    September 17, 2020 at 6:13 pm

    For so long, as evidenced in Jesus and John Wayne, the white man has defined Jesus for the evangelical world. This Jesus sides with the powerful, condones slavery, sets strict rules for what a family should be, and pushes for the promotion of these ideals as “good news”. The Jesus that Howard Thurman writes about in Jesus and the Disinherited, however, is not an object to wield but a person to know. Jesus is a poor man who was deeply impacted by his marginalized identity and formed by his historical context as one under Roman empire. This Jesus is radical and has more to say on living a life of struggle than a life of triumph. Although these two contrasting viewpoints can lead a person to surrender to any formal definition of who Jesus really is, I find it somewhat comforting that it is not my role to piece it all together. Instead, my role is to pray for the Spirit to give me fresh eyes to see beyond my own experience, colored by white supremacy, and instead into the eyes of Jesus. This is the journey that fills me with hope.