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    September 16, 2020 at 9:30 pm

    I have always been drawn to this one description of Christianity as “a beggar telling another beggar where there is bread” (which upon googling is attributed to DT Niles). Lately, I’ve been kind of developing a parable from my own life that I think is similar to the superabundant feast but also pushes back at the colonial missionary posture of evangelism. I hope it will resonate with you too?

    When I planted zinnia seeds in my front garden bed, something happened that I had not expected when flowers came into full bloom: butterflies. At the time, my very white church was questioning how they could become more diverse, but the posture of their questions felt off to, instead of going out to try and catch butterflies to bring back to our “garden” (church), what was unhealthy about the environment that we had that we chased off all the POC that came through our doors? Instead of focusing our energies on trying to catch butterflies to bring back, that would likely die soon after we captured them, why didn’t we focus on cultivating a garden that people would be naturally drawn to because it supplied something they needed, it provided the beloved community that so many people crave. I think the same applies to evangelism or “sharing the Gospel” (and its gifts) in general as well! Set a beautiful table, a bountiful beloved community, and if the fruits (and flowers) and people will come!