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    September 16, 2020 at 1:07 pm

    Here are two radically different points of view, influenced by access to power. According to Du Mez, white Evangelicals embraced the patriarchal and racialized culture of Jesus’ time and perpetuate it as a way to maintain their power. The humble birth of Jesus and his eventual ascendance to the throne of God is the precursor to the “[white] American dream.” Thurman sees a Jesus seeking to establish his “upside-down” kingdom in which those currently in power will no longer rule. He recognized Jesus’ subversive nature in the face of oppression, and applied it to the experience of African-Americans.

    It’s difficult for those who are in positions of power to accurately understand how influential power is to our interpretation of the world. If subconsciously, the powerful calculate how to maintain that power, and it is difficult to see when this is applied to our reading of sacred scripture, particularly as it speaks to those who are disempowered. Both of these texts were an invitation to me to check in to the ways I carry power, and to examine more critically – as best I can- how my power influences the way I understand Jesus, and put myself in the story.