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    September 14, 2020 at 9:02 pm

    Du Mez’s book argues that white evangelicals developed a vision of Jesus that justifies patriarchal, white supremacist systems of power. Living under the heel of these very systems is Thurman, who turns to Jesus for liberation from white American empire. These contrasting positionalities result in opposing portraits of Jesus. Du Mez maintains that white evangelicals see Jesus as an example of “sanctified aggression” that effectively protects patriarchy and white supremacy. In contrast, Thurman describes Jesus as an oppressed man who overcomes not through aggression, but through loving his enemies despite “whatever may be the cost in life, limb, or security.” For me, to consider these opposing portraits is an invitation to examine whether I see a Jesus who protects the systems I benefit from, or if I see a Jesus who compels me to give whatever “cost in life, limb, or security” in order to follow.