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    September 14, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    The differing views of Jesus portrayed in the two writings are rooted in two very different experiences of human life rooted in systemic oppression. The Jesus that Du Mez describes conservative Evangelicals followings is a “winner,” a person who uses his power and might to bring order and who operates with inerrant judgement and absolute control. This is the way that many of those individuals, the majority of whom are white men, perceive their own role in both their homes as well as their churches and nation. Fearful of the “other” and they want Jesus to be like them, with the same responses and tactics through which their privilege has been maintained for centuries. Rather than wanting Jesus to be like us, Thurman, encourages the reader to consider how they might be like Jesus. In looking at the cultural, political and psychological context that shaped who Jesus was, Thurman provides a view of Jesus shaped by his experiences as well as those of his grandmother who was born into slavery. His portrayal of the treatment of those at the margins and his ability to take on the perspective of others and be honest about the ways in which we are called to respond to God’s call on our lives, provide a portrayal Jesus informed by a focus on community built within suffering and oppression, but not beholden to it.