Newbigin Fellowship

A nine-month journey of theological formation for exploring the spiritual, public, and missional dimensions of the Christian life. The fellows program equips people to embody the way of Jesus, the call to peace, and the work of justice. 

· July 19, 2020

Faith | Spiritual Theology: Develop spiritual and theological wisdom for life with God, focusing on all of life as time- and place-bound in order to shape the ways we approach telling our stories, reading Scripture, and building a life of prayer and contemplative practices.

Peace | Public Theology: Explore Christianity as a public faith that prioritizes the common good – with an interdisciplinary approach drawing on history, politics, science, as well as religion – to understand and address common obstacles to human flourishing.

Justice | Missional Theology: Reimagine the work of Christian communities in a changing culture, focusing on the call to embrace the breathtaking diversity of lived experiences across the world – and in our local contexts – by bearing witness to a gospel of grace and justice.

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